Major advancements in roofing technology have allowed todays high performance elastomeric roofing products to be manufactured in a range of solutions to cope with the complexities of any roof.
The introduction of self-adhesive and fully adhered systems designed to reduce or eliminate the amount of heat required during the roofing installation contribute towards minimising Health and Safety risks on site.
Tower has a proven track record for delivering cost effective, premium quality roofing projects in all systems and our highly skilled workforce are able to deliver a wide range of manufacturers solutions including:

Roofing Services

High-Performance Built-up Roofing systems

With a BBA durability rating of up to 40 years and using a range of approved manufacturers systems, the installation of high performance elastomeric bituminous roofing for both flat and sloping roofs is an ideal solution for refurbishment or new build contracts. Typically, the system would include a vapour control layer, insulation to provide a U value to current regulations, underlay and a mineral finished cap sheet. Installed by our fully trained operatives, up to 30-year insurance backed guarantees are available for these systems.

Cold Applied Liquid Waterproofing Solutions

Liquid roofing systems offer a durable and hardwearing finish for either warm or cold roof applications. Applied in two layers of moisture-triggered polyurethane incorporating a glass fibre reinforcement matting forming a fully monolithic product. Suitable for balconies, walkways and flat roofing.

Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) technology offers a faster cure to polyurethane and can be installed at lower temperatures if required. An ideal solution to trafficked areas such as balconies and walkways where a hardwearing slip resistant finish is required.

Cold Polyurea technology is laid wet on wet ensuring there is no delay between the application of the top and base coats. This system also offers excellent resistance to physical damage and is another option for balconies and walkways. Our operatives are trained in installing all manufacturers systems which offer insurance backed guarantees for up to 25 years. .

Single Ply Roofing Systems

Suitable for warm or cold roofs, single ply roofing systems can be mechanically fastened, fully adhered or ballasted.
Reinforced fleece backed PVC membranes suitable for bonding to flat or sloping roofs, with lap joints welded with hot air welding equipment therefore eliminating the need for open flame gas torches during the installation process.
Available from 1.2mm to 2.0mm thickness, high UV resistance, long service life makes single ply roofing systems an ideal choice for larger uncomplicated schemes where speed of installation is important.

Green Roof installations

From intensive roof gardens to low maintenance extensive green roofs using sedum, grasses or wildflowers with firebreak gravel boarders. Tower can provide a green roof solution for every budget or weight limitation. Intensive systems are generally used as recreational spaces, are heavier in weight, higher maintenance and use deeper substrates (up to 1000mm). Mainly designed for Public access with regular foot traffic. Extensive systems are lightweight, low maintenance, using shallow substrates (up to150mm) and are not designed for public access. Using hardy, drought tolerant species such as sedums, hardy succulent plants or wildflowers, maintenance is usually only required twice yearly.

Sheet and Copper Roofing Systems

Sheet Roofing systems offer proven durability, high performance and low maintenance and can come in a range of designs and finishes to suit all types of projects. An economic solution for covering steel framed storage warehouses, double skinned and insulated roof or wall sheeting will reduce condensation and help to reduce temperature change where required. Systems are removable and recyclable and alleviate the need for additional lightning protection. The virtually limitless design potential and advanced roll forming techniques ensure the most appropriate Sheet Roofing system for even the most prestigious projects are available. Tower can advise on the most suitable systems available for all types ofproject.

Copper Sheet Roofing Systems can enhance the beauty of any structure. They have outstanding wind resistance and can be used in coastal areas where salt water may affect other systems. After installation, the copper begins to evolve from a bright shiny colour through various stages of bronze until eventually changing to the familiar green patina which can take many years to form.

Associated Roofing Services

Free Standing Handrail Systems

Fall Arrest Systems

Electronic Leak Detecetion

Roof De-Watering Services

Thermographic Surveys

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